Aquadiagnostics Water Research & Technology Centre Limited (AWRTCL) was established in 2004. The laboratory is NABL accredited for potable and domestic waters. AWRTCL renders its services to the Indian population by monitoring the quality of drinking water, wastewater, swimming pool water, food, etc.

Now part of The IAPMO Group, AWRTCL — with its extensive specialized skills, trained staff, and advanced instrumentation — is also capable of testing point-of-use drinking water treatment units for various reduction performance aspects as per national and international standards.

AWRTCL can provide testing for:

  • Heavy metals, pesticides, TDS, health hazardous chemical contaminants like fluoride, nitrate /nitrite, chlorination byproducts (THMs), PCBs, PAHs, anionic surface-active agents, phenolic compounds, etc.
  • Evaluation of absorption and filtration performance of different media filters for harmful chemical pollutants
  • Bacteriological contamination reduction and efficiency evaluation
  • Virus detection in drinking water and to perform virus challenge test on water purifiers
  • Protozoa/cyst (microspheres) reduction test
  • Toxicity characteristic leaching procedure (TCLP) tests for disposable media

Aquadiagnostics can organize Product certification as per NSF/ANSI specifications through IAPMO R&T - USA